Janus Systems Corporation Applications and Services

Acumen Appliances Applications

The Janus Systems Corporation provides applications based on the Acumen Appliances platform that replace complex paper driven workflows, resulting in drastically reduced administrative cost for corporate and not-for-profits.

Acumen Shelter FI Traking Assistant

The Acumen Shelter Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Self-Determination Management Tool for Fiscal Intermediary Services Agencies. FI Traking Assistant is a web-based Software-as-a-Service, tightly integrated system of applications driven by a high-performance database and accessed with…

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Acumen Shelter FI Traking Assistant Managed Service (FIMS)

The Acumen Shelter Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Self-Determination Management Tool for Fiscal Intermediary Services Agencies. Janus Systems Corporation (JSC) offers client agencies the option of retaining us to operate as the administrative back-office for your…

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Acumen Shelter EI Traking Assistant

The Acumen Shelter Early Intervention (EI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Management Tool for Early Intervention Services Agencies. Web Based Shelter EI Traking Assistant is a powerful Early Intervention Case Management and Billing application suite delivering process automation and streamlined workflows.   Build…

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Janus Systems Corporation Services

The Janus Systems Corporation is proud to offer our corporate and not-for-profit customers a single source for Custom SaaS Software Development, Information Security Services, Technology Consulting Services, and on demand Cloud Solutions.

The Cloud and Care Management

The “Cloud” is a generic term for the delivery of on-demand computing resources, from applications to computing power to storage, over the Internet. Pay-for use services allow organizations to access Information Technology that was out of their fiscal reach prior.…

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Shelter Cloud Management

Complex and powerful Network Management tools have always been available to leading enterprises with the money to spend. Janus Systems Corporation is extending Unified IT Operations Management to SMB and NFP agencies to manage their Hybrid IT Environments of On-premise…

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Shelter Cloud Sync and Share

Mobility is driven by pervasive Wi-Fi and Cellular wireless data connections that have extended your network to wherever your employees work or travel. Users are moving company data to several cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and MS Drive. This unmanaged…

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Shelter Backup and Restore

Image-based backup software tools drive Shelter business continuity solutions. An initial server snapshot is created and then re-captures the data, operating system, applications, and configurations of a protected machine at regular intervals. Granular recovery points enable fine-grained RPOs, which meet…

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Technology Consulting

Each and every day, new Information Technology (IT) hardware and software products are delivered to the market. Understanding the available applications, computing and security platforms, delivery methods, potential benefits and pitfalls of new technology can be a daunting challenge if you do not have a…

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Custom Software Development

Every organization has tasks and processes that are cumbersome and overly time consuming. We work with clients to understand those tasks that can be improved via custom software development that integrates disparate or disconnected applications into a more productive workflow…

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IT Systems Assessment and Technology Roadmaps

Knowing where you are is the first step in getting to where you want to go. Janus Systems Corporation delivers customized IT assessments of your current IT infrastructure, software systems and workflows. Post discovery, we provide a detailed assessment of the state of your…

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Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability testing and reporting can alert management to unseen or unrecognized weaknesses in one’s baseline security defenses. Janus Systems Corporation offers both Internal and External Vulnerability Testing via ethical hacking and systems scanning. We identify the current systems and network…

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Penetration Testing

A natural follow up to a vulnerability assessment, the penetration (Pen) test goes the next step to actively exploit those vulnerabilities in order to expose real-world attack vectors against an organization’s IT assets, data and employees. There are two distinct…

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Phishing Awareness, Testing, and Training

Numerous 2015 security industry studies show that over 90% of all data breaches commenced with social engineering and spear phishing attacks against employees and networks. Cyber criminals have realized that they can utilize social engineering and spear Phishing techniques in tandem to research…

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HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessments

The purpose of this risk analysis, based on compliance with HIPAA and HITECH related security requirements, is to evaluate the adequacy of your organization’s security controls. This risk analysis provides a structured qualitative assessment of the operational environment. It addresses…

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Data Destruction

Janus Systems Corporation offers certified Data Destruction for your backup tapes, hard drives, PCs, Servers, Networking devices, copiers, and fax machines. Sensitive data resides on all of these devices and proper disposal is required to prevent downstream acquisition of your…

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