EI Traking Assistant Documentation


Welcome to the Early Intervention (EI) Traking Assistant documentation area! This information is provided to help you with the process of Setup/Integration of the EI Traking Assistant, as well as illustrating some of the key features of the Traking Assistant system applications.

Within this documentation area, we will be covering many different aspects, but all of them will highlight the uses EI Traking Assistant and what its applications provide. This area will also discuss not only the applications that are in the Traking Assistant, but also what it takes to begin the use and training of the Traking Assistant. We are excited about everything that is offered within the Traking Assistant, especially the Training Courses we have created as an aid and reference to better help our customers and clients maneuver through the applications easily and effectively.


EI Traking Assistant Documentation
Version: 1
Dated: 04 Jun 2016

1.Administrator Documentation

EI Traking Asssitant Administrator Documentation: This is documentation for the Early Intervention  Traking Assistant for Administrators, which includes a system overview, description, administrator first steps, and administrator training descriptions.

2.Staff Documentation

EI Traking Assistant Staff Documentation: This is documentation for the Early Intervention Traking Assistant for Staff, which includes a system overview, description, staff first steps, and staff training descriptions.

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