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Welcome to the Early Intervention (EI) Traking Assistant Administrator documentation area! This information is provided to help you with the process of Setup/Integration of the EI Traking Assistant, as well as illustrating some of the key features of the Traking Assistant system applications.

Within this documentation area, we will be covering many different aspects, but all of them will highlight the uses EI Traking Assistant and what its applications provide. This area will also discuss not only the applications that are in the Traking Assistant, but also what it takes to begin the use and training of the Traking Assistant. We are excited about everything that is offered within the Traking Assistant, especially the Training Courses we have created as an aid and reference to better help our customers and clients maneuver through the applications easily and effectively.


FI Traking Assistant Documentation
Version: 1
Dated: 20 Oct 2016

1.System Overview

The Acumen Shelter Early Intervention (EI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Management Tool for Early Intervention Services Agencies. Web Based Shelter EI Traking Assistant is a powerful Early Intervention Case Management and Billing application suite delivering process automation and streamlined workflows.

1.1.System Description

With the EI Traking Assistant, build efficiency into your EI program with the extensive dashboard capability, database, scheduling, task manager, mileage tracking and detailed service record progress notes and secure communication integrated applications. Meet and exceed required state DOH requirements with EI Services delivery reports available by child and or by service delivery professional. Service delivery can be entered from the field immediately following a home or remote site visit via tablet or laptop with WiFI or LTE connectivity. Service records are stored and archived for up to 6 years to satisfy audit compliance requirements.

1.2.System Overview

The EI Traking Assistant has the following applications:

  • Administrator EI Traking Assistant application
  • Staff EI Traking Assistant application

2.Setup/Integration Guide

In order to integrate your agency/company with the EI Traking Assistant appliance and its system applications, the process for you is quite simple. To kick-start the setup and integration process, all you have to do is provide us with the necessary documents we need in order to get your agency/company up and running within the appliance.


The specific documents that we need are:

List of persons served,

List of staff, administrators, and supervisors, including their basic contact information (address, phone number, email),

List of caseloads (staff pertaining to specific children),

All children’s service authorization information (electronic files are preferred, if they are only scanned than a small extra fee is included)

2.2.What We Do

To give an idea of the steps that are taken on our end of things, here is a list of steps we complete after receiving all the necessary documents we need:

First, we establish your agency/company’s appliance.

Once the appliance is established, we will then request and grant access for all staff, supervisors, and administrators who are to be in the appliance. This means we create a username and password for every user that can be changed at a later date by each user if they wish to.

Now, we will assign users to their correct group within the appliance. This means that staff is assigned to the Staff EI Traking Assistant application, administrators are assigned to the Administrator EI Traking Assistant application, and so on.

Next, we assign caseloads between staff and their individuals based on the caseload information we are given.

From here, we begin to enter the real data, starting with staff contact information.

Next, we will input the child’s contact information, demographics, and service authorization information.

Once all of these steps have been completed, we have completed the work on our end of things and we will work with the agency/company to deploy the appliance and train their leaders on how to correctly use the appliance! Which brings us to the next stage… Integration.


A discovery of what legacy and existing agency/company systems that the EI Traking Assistant system needs to integrate with is necessary. This means specific documents and files that need to be integrated into the system and functioning correctly.

In order to train your staff on the EI Traking Assistant appliance and applications, we have created multiple training courses for your staff to take in an effort to help them learn and understand how the many different applications work. Through the use of WP Courseware, your staff and individuals can watch numerous short videos on how to maneuver through their applications, in addition to taking short quizzes after each video to better help them remember the material they have been shown.

All of our training courses are specific to a persons role, meaning staff will only take the Staff Training Courses, administrators will only take the Administrator Training Courses, and so on. For someone who may be both a Staff and Administrator, they would be required to take both the Staff and Administrator Training Courses so you can be sure that they are covering all the material that they need to know within the staff and administrator applications.

Most of our courses have Part I and Part II’s. The Part I Training Courses cover all the basic material that needs to be covered within the specific application, while the Part II Training Courses cover more specific information, which forces the users to refer to the specific application and maneuver through it.

At the end of each training course, all users are asked to take a survey in regards to their thoughts on the training course(s) they took. This is required for all users in order to complete the course because it is important to us that we receive their feedback! The purpose of us creating these training courses is for them to be helpful and useful to everyone who is taking them, so all comments and constructive feedback is always appreciated. This allows us to make changes or updates to our courses to better suite our users experience while taking them.

Lastly, all of the users who complete the training courses will receive a certificate of completion! This certificate can be saved and printed off to show administrators and agency/company leaders that they have officially completed the correct course based on their role.

3.Administrator Application

The administrator application is meant to provide many uses throughout the application. The application integrates various forms and documents, including service authorization information, ICD 10 codes, and so on.

As an administrator in the administrator application, you are given the ability to make caseloads, input service authorization information for all children, grant or deny access requests to the system, put your staff in their correct group(s) based on their role(s), edit any children or staff demographics, and much more.

The administrator see’s everything staff see’s within the administrator application, in addition to seeing all children within the agency/company.

4.Administrator Training



Acumen Appliances created this course for administrators, teaching them the basic function of how to use and maneuver through the Administrator EI Traking Assistant application within their agency appliance. This course will help administrators learn how to manage staff information and how to manage individual information. In addition to this, the course goes over all other roles administrators will have within the application, like granting and denying user access, and managing caseloads and service coordinator information.








This Part II Administrator course talks more specifically about using the Administrator EI Traking Assistant application. In order to answer the questions within this course, this course requires the use of the training appliance. This is meant to help administrators learn how to maneuver and function through the training appliance, forcing them to look within the appliance to find the specific answers to the questions asked.







This EI Administrator Training Course has been created for administrators in order to train them on the basic functions of the Administrator EI Traking Assistant application.

5.Administrator First Steps

Optional – Preliminary Browser Tips, Tricks, and Training:

  1. Internet Explorer Browser: https://www.gcflearnfree.org/internetexplorer/
  2. Google Chrome Browser: https://www.gcflearnfree.org/chrome/
  3. Safari Browser: https://www.gcflearnfree.org/safari/
  4. Firebox Browser: https://www.gcflearnfree.org/firefox/

Below is the following information you need in order to access the training courses and the training appliance.

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6.Password Reset

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