Acumen Shelter FI Traking Assistant

teacher_and_student_400_clr_11776The Acumen Shelter Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Self-Determination Management Tool for Fiscal Intermediary Services Agencies. FI Traking Assistant is a web-based Software-as-a-Service, tightly integrated system of applications driven by a high-performance database and accessed with a role-based model. By providing real-time access for the person served, broker, FI, Self-Determination Assistant (SDA) staff, agency staff, and agency management, agencies are able to scale their Self-Determination services through improved efficiencies and expand their capacity, while simultaneously providing better Self-Determination services to the community. From the initial intake, every required data point is tracked in a suite of applications so that all stakeholders have real-time visibility to the data required to successfully deliver their person-centered services.

Features – Benefitsblack_street_sign_text_10940_design_built

Consumer visibility to plan, budget & Services – The Person served realizes immediate connection to their plan and outcomes.

Broker and FI assignments – Primary drivers of plan and services share a platform with sync’d communication notes.

Administrative visibility & control – Admins assign caseload with input from calendar and geographic display map.

SDA staff & Broker service record tracking – SDAs visit details captured in real-time, tied to valued outcomes, record mileage & expenses.

Scheduling application – Admins, SDA staff, and person served all can see and schedule meetings in Calendar.

Automated expense tracking – Eliminate lost or missing expense reports, capture expenses in fiscal period.

Real Time HAB Plan generation – Eliminate out of date documents agency wide. Automated and simplified HAB Plan creation and management.

Payroll and Billing export capability – Speed billing cycles, increase charge capture and reduce untimely service records.

Audit reporting – Reduce time required for audits from days to hours/minutes.