Acumen Shelter FI Traking Assistant Managed Service (FIMS)

bosses_hovering_over_employee_1600_clr_16349The Acumen Shelter Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Traking Assistant is a purpose built Self-Determination Management Tool for Fiscal Intermediary Services Agencies. Janus Systems Corporation (JSC) offers client agencies the option of retaining us to operate as the administrative back-office for your FI practice with our FI Traking Assistant Managed Service (FIMS) product. We will handle new consumer data input, verify timesheets and expense entries, receipt scanning, and provide your agency with all of the required payroll, billing and audit data. By providing real-time data access to each stakeholder, agencies are able to scale their Self-Determination services through improved efficiencies and expand their capacity, while simultaneously providing better Self-Determination services to the community, leaving a portion of the back-office to JSC. FIMS will enable your agency to compete with National FMS providers by arming yourself with the technology and support required to provide complete Self-Direction Services to your communities without the need for hiring internal administrative support staff.

Agency/Provider Featuresblack_street_sign_text_10940_design_built

Non-Profit Agencies and providers of services will immediately benefit from both the purpose built FI platform and the provided data entry and monitoring services provided by JSC.

Data entry begins immediately following an intake. Either the broker (if tech capable) or JSC would enter the HAB plan and budget. Budget development by the broker is hastened and simplified in the portal as each field is populated with the appropriate data and tracked throughout the service year and can be duplicated prior to service year expiry for the next years planning.

On a day-to-day basis, JSC monitors and acts as administrator overseeing errors, missed visit service record entries and other potential issues that would prevent a proper charge capture and subsequent reimbursement by operating as Tier 1 support communicating with the SDA staff, agency staff, as well as related contractors.

Agencies and providers are empowered to reduce unbillable submittals resulting from incomplete SDA or Broker time-sheets and invoices as visit details are entered and verified in the portal.

Agencies and providers immediately benefit from the file exporting capabilities with increased velocity to their billing and payroll systems and decreased days to cash from Medicaid billings. Also, unreimbursed late billing submittals can be eliminated and accounts receivable can be reduced from 10-15% as a direct result of reduced incomplete or incorrect filings. Eliminating unreimbursed expenses, late checks and payments all ensure a happy participant, satisfied staff, and an efficiently managed agency.

Agencies can immediately retire word documents, PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets which are constantly circulating within the agency in different revisions. Quality, efficiency and accuracy metrics are all immediately improved.